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Welcome to Tecnodiagnostics,
Distributor of the Vacutec® Leak Finder

Tecnodiagnostics are the UK's leading distributor of the Vacutec® Smoke Diagnostics Machine.

The Vacutec
® Leak finders are the latest technology in Leak detection using OEM-Approved technology along with their very own branded UltraTrace® solution which makes finding the leaks fast and easy.

The UltraTrace
® solution deposits a florescent dye trace making it easy to find the leak in the dark environment of the car bonnet.

With two models of the Vacutec
® Leakfinders available there is a smoke machine to suit any diagnostic garage. Along with this Tecnodiagnostics provide a range of accessories and also Tecnodiagnostics are experts in providing full technical assistance with any problems you may have.

Feel free to look through our website and have a look at the WV604 or the WV605 Leakfinders and see how they can improve your garage.

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UltraTrace® Solution.

The Vacutec Leakfinders that Tecnodiagnostics sell come with the Ultratrace Solution. This solution allows UV light to pick up the location of the smoke.
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Vacutec® Help line.

Tecnodiagnostics provide a full technical help line. At the end of the phone is a company with over 40 years combined automotive knowledge.
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Save Time and Money.
The Evacutec Leakfinders make finding leaks quick and easy meaning you can get the job done quicker and thus give you more time to make money.
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Durable Design.
With a solid, small compact design the Evacutec leak finders are durable and perfect for any garage environment.